Free Cats ( to approved homes)

All of the cats on this page are free to approved homes. They are either senior cats or, through no fault of their own were overlooked and have been residents at the Hinton SPCA for longer than six months. Each one of these beautiful felines has been either spayed or neutered and have also been vaccinated. They are all wonderful cats waiting for their forever homes.



  1. Really nice idea to have the free cats for various reasons, especially if it stops them from spending their lives in a cage.
    I would give a donation though to help you continue your amazing rescue work.

  2. The orange cat with the lion cut, CJ, is also free to an approved home - and he is WONDERFUL! A total snuggle-bug and very sweet! If I didn't already have two cats and two dogs, I would give him his forever home in a heartbeat!


  3. I absolutely love Flower. I keep checking the website to see if she's still there! But i already have a persian cat who is 161/2 years old. I can't have another cat as it would stress my cat out too much, and she already has health issues.
    I hope Flower finds her forever home, she is absolutely gorgeous.

    Kate O'Toole

  4. Flower IS a sweetheart! She is timid with strangers and you have to be patient and let it be on her terms, but she has a gentle, soft heart for sure! :)))

    1. Thank you Rose for your reply. Flower sounds so sweet. My own Persian sounds quite similar in personality. If it wasn't for my cats age and health issues, i would adopt her in a heart beat! I love persian cats! :)

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