Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Sassy is a spayed one and half year old female who walks nicely on leash. She is an energetic girl who learns very quickly and gets along well with adults,kids and other dogs! Sassy is a delightful girl who would love to find a home of her own!


Blackie is a neutered male who is intially shy when you first meet him. He gets along well with most other dogs, likes people and loves being outside.


Juniper is a neutered male who is about one year old. He is a curious and energetic boy who likes both adults and children. 


This handsome neutered male is about a year old and is a friendly guy! He is great with both adults and kids.Muskwa walks well on leash and is learning some basic commands.

Lucky is on adoption trial.

Lucky is a neutered male shepherd cross who is very friendly with people and other dogs He walks well on leash,knows sit, and enjoys lazing around outside in the sunshine! Lucky is visually impaired and has three nails missing on his front right paw. He requires a home that will  provide a safe environment and encourage him to continue to be independent. Lucky enjoys the company of Blackie as they lived in the same home before coming to us.


Kylo is a very friendly Akita cross. He walks well on leash,knows some basic commands and gets along well with other dogs and people. Kylo is playful,enjoys his toys, and loves going for walks. He is an owner surrender through no fault of his own and is waiting patiently to find his forever home.

Saturday, May 26, 2018


Timber is a five year old neutered male shepherd mix. Timber loves playing with balls and can entertain himself  happily if he has a ball! He is a friendly boy who just needs a home filled with love!

Brew is on adoption trial.

Brew is a male Elkhound mix. He is a playful dog that knows some basic commands.and is a quick learner. Brew is an energetic boy who would do well in a dog experienced home that can commit to regular exercise and mental stimulation.

Sunday, April 15, 2018


Who could resist this handsome face? Chop is a happy boy with an energetic personality. Chop walks well on leash, knows sit, stay, down and takes treats really nicely. Chop came to us as an owner surrender through no fault of his own and has been a well loved boy. He is looking for a home that can give him love, attention and regular exercise. Chop loves to play fetch!

Saturday, March 3, 2018


Tucker is a neutered male Collie cross . He walks well on leash,knows sit,shake a paw and loves being outside.Tucker is selective of his canine friends as he likes to be top dog!. Tucker likes going for car rides and  human attention.He would do well on an acreage home with a warm indoor bed at night.