Saturday, November 26, 2022


Freda is a 1 year old, 97lbs, Newfoundler. She was a transfer from The Alberta SPCA. Freda is extremely affectionate and gentle. She is looking for a home that will help improve her confidence. Freda responds well to praise, she was afraid to go down the stairs but with positive reinforcement from the Hinton SPCA staff she was able to conquer that fear. She is compatible with cats and other dogs. This is common for Newfoundlers as they tend to have a low prey drive. Freda also like children and would be a great family dog!    

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Weston is on adoption trial!

Weston is a 2 year old, 72lbs, Pitbull/Black Lab cross. He is fun-loving boy who is always happy to play with his toys. Weston loves adventure and is very people-oriented so would be a great friend to have on life's journey. Weston needs a bit of training on his leash manners but is improving everyday and if receptive to training. Weston gets along with most other dogs.  



Harlow is a 2 year old  spayed female shepherd cross. This friendly girl loves people and is compatible with most other dogs.
This smart gal is looking for a stable home with an active lifestyle. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2022


 Chase is a six year old, male , Shepherd cross. He was found wandering the streets of Hinton and came to us through Animal Control. He is a very friendly boy who knows his basic commands. He walks very nicely on leash and gets along with other dog compatible dogs.  

Jett & Coal (Currently Unavailable for Adoption)

Jett and Coal were spotted in a ditch that backed onto a large field. They were extremely thin from a lack of food and having to fend for themselves in Alberta's climate. Luckily for these two handsome pups, K9 Recovery Service had their back and work hard gaining their trust enough to crate them and bring them to us. K9 Recovery documented their journey on Facebook and even had a vote on what to name them! 

Since Jett and Coal's arrival they have been adjusting to their new lifestyle. They enjoy their warm beds and reliable meal times. They have a long way to go with their socialization but we are thankful that they will have a chance to live a life with all the comforts a dog deserves.      

Olaf (Currently Unavailable for Adoption)

Olaf is a ten month old, male, shepherd cross.   

Olaf came from a home with many other dogs on the property where he was the bottom of the pack.

He is currently unavailable for adoption as we are working on confidence building and socialization. Olaf he is working hard on these new skills and we hope to find his forever home soon! 

Monday, October 17, 2022



Dog: Husky Cross

Age:~ 3years old

Weight: 69 pounds

Cats: Yes

Dogs: Can be dominant but has lived successfully with a female husky cross before.

Housetrained: Yes

Balto would do best in an only dog home with an experience confident owner who can provide Balto with a balance of structure and affection. He is an intelligent, confident dog who is great with his husky vocalizations.

Thursday, September 22, 2022


Kit has one of the kindest souls you will ever meet! She was an owner surrender due to no fault of her own. Kit is compatible with other dogs, men, women and children over the age of 5. However her prey drive does come out when it comes to cats and livestock. Kit is a sweetheart who takes treats out of your hand gently and loves to be pet.    




Koda is a 2 year old, German shepherd cross who was surrender by his owner through no fault of hi own. Koda is a fun loving boy who is always excited when there is a treat around! Koda is dog selective but has successfully lived with other dog in the past. 

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Simon is adopted!

 Simon is an 8 month old, shepherd cross. He is compatible with most other dogs and loves all kinds of people. He favorite time of day is when he gets to play in the yards with his good friend Garfunkel. 


Garfunkel is an 8 month, shepherd cross who is compatible with most dogs and most people. He knows the command sit and as you can see poses nicely for the camera. He is a superstar! He has enjoys playing in the yards with his friend Simon.  

Wednesday, August 31, 2022


This nifty girl is Nala. She is a recently spayed female,who is a 12 months old mixed breed. 
Nala is a friendly girl who is exuberant about life in general and loves people however she would do best in an only dog home.
Nala is busy learning her basic manners and commands. Nala would thrive in an experienced dog home that would be willing to continue work ing with her. 

Badger is on adoption trial !

 This super friendly and energetic boy is Badger! He is about 4 years old, weights 59 pounds and came to us as a Hinton stray. He would make a great companion dog because he loves people. Badger is working on his leash manners so he can be a great hiking partner for some lucky human!

Sunday, August 7, 2022


 This sweet girl is about 6 years old and requires a special home. She walks well on leash and knows her basic commands. Hazel has a preexisting hip problem which can be exacerbated by too much exercise.  She also suffers from separation anxiety when left alone. Hazel is spayed and up to date on vaccinations.

Saturday, August 6, 2022

Ollie is on adoption trial.


 Ollie is an eight month old neutered  male. His mom is a shepherd cross.This cheerful boy loves people and is compatible with most other dogs. He will require some basic training from his new forever home after adoption. Ollie is looking for a home that will devote the time and love he deserves. 

Obie is on adoption trial

Meet Obie, a playful, eight month old, neutered male. He is a shepherd cross ( mom was surrendered to us earlier this year) Obie is a friendly boy who needs a home that is willing to work on the basics with him. He has a good heart and is willing to learn with a dedicated teacher. Obie loves his toys and will get the zoomies while you play together. He walks well on leash and has learned sit.


Sunday, May 29, 2022


Introducing Tiny! He is humorously named Tiny as he is a 90lbs Mastiff cross. This three year old teddy bear needs a home that can devote time into daily exercise and mental stimulations, otherwise this goofy guy will find other ways to entertain himself.  He knows sit, loves treats and would be best suited for an acreage  or an active home! 


Wednesday, April 27, 2022


Name: Marty
Breed: Shepherd Cross
Age: 2 years old
Dogs: Yes
Cats: No
Weight: 98 pounds

Marty is a big bundle of dog who is excited about life and is elated whenever he meets someone new! He is dog compatible and enjoys his daily plays with his doggie friends.
Marty was transferred from Edson Pound and he is now neutered and up to date on his vaccinations. 
He is a large breed dog and would do well in an active home (with a large yard) or an acreage home. Since he stands tall he will need to go to a home with older children or adults only. Marty is a happy go lucky guy!

Wednesday, April 13, 2022


To make it easier to support our work we are trying to get e-transfering set up.  In the meantime you can e-transfer Cathy Thomas at and she will make sure that the funds are given to the SPCA. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2022


Dog: Doberman Cross
Age: 2
Weight: 48 pounds
Cats: no
Dogs: selective, prefers males
Housetrained Yes

Dolly is a silly and fun loving Rotti cross! She is a spayed 2 year old who loves to run and play in our yards. This energetic girl would do well in an active home with owners who have previous dog experience and can help her with her energetic nature.


Bosco is wondering why he is still at the SPCA.

 Dog: Lab Cross
Age: ~2 years old
Weight: 42 pounds
Cats: No
Dogs: selective
Housetrained: Yes

Bosco is a neutered two year old male, (medium sized) lab cross. He is an energetic, sensitive guy who is doing well with his basic training. His leash manners are improving daily and he now knows "Sit."

What Bosco makes the staff laugh everyday with his antics. He loves squeaky toys and going for walks with our dog walkers. Bosco would do well in a home that can continue with his basic training and can commit to his regular exercise.

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Got Empties?

 Got empties? The Hinton and District SPCA would greatly appreciate the donation of any beverage container (beer, water, wine and pop bottles, as well as milk cartons and juice boxes). Bottles can be left in the empties kennel on the west side of the SPCA parking lot or a pick up can be arranged for large donations by calling Cathy at 780.817.1075.

All money raised will go to support the animals in our care.
Thank you!

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Bauer is our longest resident !

Dog: Shepherd Cross
Age:~2 years
Weight: 50 pounds 
Cats: no
Dogs: Selective  

This bouncy boy is Bauer, a neutered, shepherd cross who is about 2 years old and weighs approximately 50lbs. This super smart guy is an energetic dog who will require an active home that can commit to regular exercise and mental stimulation. He is always happy to see you and his enthusiasm is contagious. Bauer has been working really hard on focusing on his humans, leash walking and basic commands  His leash manners are improving daily and he has learned sit!

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Bookstore Open!

Need some reading material or DVDs? Puzzles? A good mystery?  Books are $1 or less.  We also take donations of books, DVDs, puzzles and games.  The bookstore is open 9-1:00 and 6:30-8:30 daily.  Happy reading!

Thursday, March 19, 2020

To meet our four legged friends

To meet our canine crew please check out our blog (you are on it) and choose a dog or two that you are interested in meeting. Then book an appointment by calling 780.865.2800. We are open from 9-1 and 6:30-8:30 daily. If we do not answer your call please leave a message and one of our staff will return your call. 

Cat adoptions do not require an appointment. Cat volunteers are limited to the main floor at this time. Volunteers are limited to dog walking and cat cuddling (only on the main floor - volunteers may not go upstairs). 

No appointments are required for the bookstore.

The Board of the Hinton and District SPCA