These are the cats currently at the SPCA.  They are all looking for their forever homes. 

For more information about a particular cat please call the SPCA directly at 


The SPCA is open 9-1:00 and 6:30-8:30 daily.

Updated: July 15, 2024 (page updated regularly)  

Name: MoMo
Breed: DSH Grey and White
Sex: Female 
Age: Nov 2023       

Name: Toodles
Breed: DLH Ragdoll X 
Sex: Male 

Toodles is a very shy cat who will need a home with a owner who will take time to bond with him as Toodles has not been exposed to much previous life. 

Name: Minou 
Breed: DSH Tux (short tail)
Sex: Male 
Age: Mar 8/2021

Minou came to us as an ASPCA transfer. He loves to be pet and will sit at your feet waiting for attention. He is a bit overweight so he would require a food for his needs. He is a very friendly cat who loves to lounge around on all his cat beds. 

Name: Butch 
Breed: DLH Ragdoll X
Sex: Male 
Age: 2 years 

Butch came to us as an ASPCA transfer. He is a very affectionate cat who loves attention. He has a very lush coat that does require some upkeep, but enjoys getting his brushes. 

Name: Simon 
Breed: DSH Tabby Grey 
Sex: Male 
Age: 2018

Simon came to us a a owner surrender. Simon is the sweetest boy who has a very calm demeanor. He is a bit overweight so he would require a food for his needs. Simon like other cats, kids, and dogs and will fit into any home.

Name: Miss Orange
Breed: DLH Tabby
Sex: Female
Age: 6 years old

Miss orange was abandoned on an acreage with her kittens. Thankfully, her and her kittens were found by a Good Samaritan. Her kittens have all found their forever homes and now it is Miss Orange's turn! She can be timid at first but in the right home you couldn't ask for a nicer cat! 

Name: Clawdia
Breed: Domestic Short Hair Calico
Sex: Female 
Birthday : 2019
Compatible with: Some cats but would be best in an only animals home. 

Clawdia was brought to us by a good samaritan who brought her in as a stray. She is a little shy at first but once she warms up, she is a very friendly and affectionate cat. She loves attention and will rub up against you for all the scratches and love.  

Name: Pearl 
Breed: DLH Dilute Torti 
Sex: Female 
Age: Around 3 years old
Compatible with: Some cats but would be best in an only animals home. 

Pearl came to us through the pound. Pearl may take a little extra time to warm up, but once she does she's a sweet and loving cat. She has a very lush coat, but she does take time to adjust to being brushed.  

Name: Sushi 
Breed: DSH Black and White Tux 
Sex: Male 
 Age: 2 Years old

Sushi was trapped and brought to us from Kelley's Bathtub. He was most likely abandoned there from his previous owner. Even though Sushi hasn't had the easiest life, it never stopped him from being super happy. He is extremely affectionate and always has lots to say. 

Name: Yuki 
Breed: DSH Russian Blu
Sex: Female
Age: July 2023

Name: Fredo
Breed: DMH Dilute Orange
Sex: Male
Age: Around 2 years old

Fredo was surrendered to us after fathering a litter of kittens. He really enjoys being pet, and cuddling. Fredo gets along well with cats, dogs, and kids. He would love a family that gives him all of the attention he deserves.

When the cats are used to the kindness of people, it is much more likely for them to be adopted. Because of this, volunteer cat "cuddlers" are welcome to come visit the cats. Guaranteed, these felines will be so happy to have love and attention from people who care. It will make a great difference in their lives. 

We would like to thank everyone who has done so, and encourage others to come down to the SPCA and spend time with the cats and kittens at the shelter during regular visiting hours.

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