The Hinton and District SPCA's Animal Care Centre

The Hinton and District SPCA's Animal Care Centre opened December 15th, 2009 after over seven years of planning and fund raising.  It is an 8000 sq. foot facility - 5000 Sq. feet on the main floor and 3000 on the upper.  It is state of the art for animal care.  Years of research went into its design.  Below please enjoy a virtual tour.

Upon entering the facility you are in the entry/main desk area sponsored by the Rotary Club of Hinton.

Turning to the right in the entry area there are 3 sunny cat rooms and a small animal room.

From the entry if you look to your left you will find the used book store. 
The pet meeting room is located immediately next ro the book store. There are a large range of books available including fiction, non-fiction, childrens and young reader books!  come and check it out!

The children's section of the book store.  Children and young reader books are 4 for $1.00.

Pet meeting room
Once you pass through the door you turn to your left into the boarding room sponsored by the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge. For more information please visit the Boarding information page of this blog.

If you do not turn to your left, but proceed straight down the hallway you come to the groming/u-bathe room.

Opposite the grooming/u-bathe room is the dog food prep room.
Continuing into the hall you will enter the SPCA side of the building.  Turning to your right you enter to Mom and pup area.
The open top of the door leads to a double kennel seen below.  The stairs lead to a raised bath tub also seen below..

Turning around at the door  you look down the kennel room.  The kennels on the left are smaller ones used for small dogs.  They have to be physically taken to their outside kennels as they do not have inside/outside access.  On the right are inside/outside kennels designed for medium to large dogs.

With all the kennels please note the split doors.  Dogs can be met, given treats or checked on by simply opening the top door.  The dogs remains secure in their kennel.  The solid bottom door prevents the dogs from seeing other dogs being moved and therefore reduces the noise level in the building.

Each of the kennels are sponsored. 
The quarentine room has 3 kennels.  It has a seperate air and drainage system.  It has a raised bath tub, sink, medical supplies in a confined area.

Outside the back of the building.  The solar panel heats the potable water for the building.
One of the outside kennels.  The dogs with kennels on the around the perimeter of the building have inside/outside access. Please note the dog door.

The small off leash area - there are 4 others, 2 large, 2 medium.