Saturday, June 15, 2024

King (On Adoption Trial)

Name: King (aka Super King)

Age: About 1 year (Born Apr. 2023)

Breed: Sheperd

Dogs: Selective

Cats: Has lived with cats previously

Weight 76lbs 

Meet King, a friendly and affectionate dog looking for his forever home. King is a smart boy with excellent recall and a repertoire of commands, including sit, stay, shake, and "with me." His high food motivation makes training a breeze and a fun activity for both of you. While King is generally outgoing, he can be a bit nervous in new situations and around men. With a little patience and understanding, he quickly warms up and shows his loving nature. If you're looking for a loyal companion with a big heart and a lot of potential, King is your perfect match. Give him the chance to be your best friend, and he will reward you with endless love and devotion. Set up an appointment to meet King today and see if he's the missing piece to your family!

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